Telecom and Software company

Speedflow is a world-leading telecom and software solutions provider. Delivering quality services and products since 2004, Speedflow has established a reputation for combining innovation and ease-of-use. Based on the popularity and reliability of our product portfolio, we have been able to expand into a group of companies with headquarters in London. By attending and showcasing our services and products at major international events, we maintain a worldwide presence in the industry. The company sets itself apart from its competitors by being one of only a few companies that creates and develops effective telecom services and software solutions simultaneously.

Telecom Services

Our telecom division oversees a vast programme of services to provide our customers with the best routes availability, performance and quality. We have access to over 800 interconnections with Tier 1, 2, MVNOs, and wholesale carriers. This attention to details means our customers always receive a superior service. Whatever your needs, we enable A-Z termination, VoIP Wholesale, VoIP Premium, CLI Routes, and SMS provision to meet both your and your clients requirements.

Software Solutions

With over 500 software installations worldwide, it is obvious that Speedflow's Software Solutions are reliable and effective. Developed to streamline processes, ensure long-term profitability, and improve the user experience, our Solutions take the stress out of VoIP provision.

  • MediaCore Class 4 Solution
    MediaCore, designed especially for VoIP wholesale providers, is an innovative, multifunctional, unified point of control Class 4 switching and billing Solution. Comprising of routing, transcoding, revenue assurance and SMS provision, it is a flexible and convenient VoIP platform.
  • CallMax Class 5 Solution
    For residential VoIP services, we developed CallMax - a proprietary Linux-based Class 5 Solution. Its modular structure means that IP PBX, Calling Card, and Call Shop modules can be managed as standalone platforms.
  •  AccuCore ERP VoIP System
    VoIP businesses requiring detailed accounting software can rely on AccuCore, our complex financial analysis software. Focusing on automatic data handling, convenient data visualisation, and minimisation of human error, AccuCore takes the hassle out of accounting.
  • Pay-n-Get Transaction Processing System
    For all pre-paid service distribution, the Pay-n-Get turnkey is the very solution. Supporting mobile top up, PIN code selling, electronic vouchers, and prepaid airtime distribution, Pay-n-Get provides a high-quality service, reducing the cost of producing, distributing, and shipping physical cards.

Why Speedflow

With over ten years' experience in the industry, Speedflow is in the best position to provide you with products and services proven by time to be effective. These are constantly updated to reflect industry trends and to provide greater value-for-money. Our first-rate business portfolio is designed to match all your needs while being cost-effective and easy to use. Speedflow's professional team ensures that your experience with us will be pleasurable every step of the way. Whether its 24/7 support, trainings, or installation, our Team will always be there to enable your product to work at its highest level.

Speedflow team constantly attends Telecom Conferences to keep pace with all changes in telecom business