10 reasons to choose the MediaCore Softswitch

why choose MediaCore

MediaCore Softswitch is a well-known brand in VoIP market. This carrier grade Linux-based Class 4 VoIP Softswitch solution is successfully used by more than 100 VoIP providers worldwide. Speedflow Communications team emphasized the 10 key factors of MediaCore success and is pleased to share them with our customers.

1. MediaCore Softswitch is a unified point of control system. All the modules are implemented by our team of specialists and meet all the requirements for Class 4 Softswitch. It has innovative routing system. Routing of one call is only 0,0002 ms. The customer can set the least cost routing, different types of priorities to whole points or separate destinations.

2. MediaCore Softswitch stability and redundancy has been proved by testing it in the most extreme situations. As a result, we got 30 000 concurrent calls with 1500 attempts per second. Due to cluster configuration, you can have as many concurrent calls as you need. The Softswitch capability is limited only by hardware configuration.

3. Revenue Assurance (Guardian) system, which is the automatic system destined for traffic monitoring and management basing on the statistical values. Guardian system tracks emerged issues, change routing according to the quality, price or other specified parameters and notifies suppliers and Your technical support.

4. MediaCore Softswitch has a wide variety of implemented reports. Online CDRs are available in ten minutes after call completion. The company guarantees no losses in your calls with our system of online CDRs.

5. Native protocol and codec converter. Automatic signaling mode allows the system to accept and send traffic in any protocol and with no productivity slowdown.

6. Having our own collocations helps our customers to get end-to-end VoIP softswitch solution during few days without worrying about servers and collocation.

7. Speedflow Communications provides all the customers with NOC support. Our Technical support works 24/7 bringing you the help of the professionals with all the necessary presentations, consultations, etc.

8. Our team of developers is always a step ahead of the market needs. Company offers free system updates once in 2 months at least with all the clients’ requirements and global trends.

9. Any changes in the system are done immediately. Softswitch updates are implemented at any convenient time with the calls proceeding during update.

10. User-friendly multilingual interface. 7 years of experience in the VoIP market allow us to make our products understandable even for beginners.

In fact, MediaCore Softswitch has much more advantages. It is confirmed by our successful customers in their testimonials. You are also welcome to read the testimonials and get more information about the MediaCore Softswitch. Every VoIP company can test the carrier-grade MediaCore Softswitch for free and make the right choice after estimating Softswitch advantages.