Alert: Fraudsters May Use Speedflow Name and Logo


Dear Partners,

Speedflow would like to turn your attention to fraudsters using our company name and logo. They use the Skype IDs jesse.thomson5, speedflow.communications, alexander.speedflow, isabella.speedflow, noc.speedflow and noc.speedflow1. The criminals add people to a contact list using the Speedflow name.

Below is an example of a Skype conversation with a scammer:
[12:00:33 AM] *** Thomson would like to add you on Skype
Hi S***D, I’d like to add you as a contact. ***
[12:00:52 AM] *** S***D has shared contact details with Thomson.
[12:01:38 AM] S***D: Hi
[12:01:39 AM] S***D: how are you
[12:01:58 AM] Thomson: hello sir
[12:02:05 AM] Thomson: i am fine, thanks
[12:02:10 AM] Thomson: how are you
[12:02:14 AM] S***D: i m good thanks
[12:02:17 AM] S***D: may i know about you
[12:03:10 AM] Thomson: this is thomson from speedflow
[12:03:22 AM] Thomson: are you interconnected with speedflow?

These individuals log into their Skype accounts using the IP addresses: and (Islamabad, Pakistan).

Please don’t add any IP addresses in your routing settings without our official notification and confirmation from your manager specified in your contract. The fraudulent companies asked people to add the following IP addresses:

If somebody sends you these addresses, don’t add them and let us know immediately.

Be informed that Speedflow sends notifications by email from only …@speedflow.com addresses. Please check emails carefully. If you have any doubts, please contact your authorized manager or Speedflow’s CFO Nata Ellis at nata@speedflow.com.

Let’s make VoIP business safer together!