Beneficial MediaCore rental options

MediaCore rental options

At Speedflow we do our best to provide our customers with superior terms and conditions. To do so, we continuously develop our products as well as improve our customer service and technical infrastructure.

We have already updated our industry-leading software product the MediaCore Class 4 Solution. This release is the result of thorough research and development of Speedflow Software Team. The product aligns with the latest industry trends and fully meets the market requirements.

To enhance the impact, we have extended our network with new collocations in Europe and the USA. Due to our numerous business relationships with various data-centers the rental of MediaCore becomes even more affordable.

Since now MediaCore customers can RENT the first-class software and offer their clients the whole new level of service at LOWER COST.

The rental option includes the complete set of our carrier-grade solution, dedicated hardware servers, stable Internet bandwidth in the best data-centers.

Our customer care remains intact. We traditionally offer free 24/7 technical support, free training, free software release upgrades, and updates.

For more details, please contact us via info@speedflow.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it