CallMax Softswitch testimonial by Belov & Partners

‘…precise control over clients…’
‘…Speedflow’s technical support works well. They react efficiently…’

‘Belov&partners’, Vitaliy Belov, CEO

1. When was Callmax system implemented by your company?

September 2010

2. How long did it take you to implement this software system?

2-3 days

3. Did you study a market of VoIP softswitches before you made your choice? What CallMax features were determinant for your decision-making?

Yes, of course. One of the main advantages for us was the possibility to have free licensing of the CallMax system. (According to the 2010 year promotion in case the customer decides upon A-Z by Speedflow he gets CallMax system absolutely free of charge)

4. What advantages do you gain by using CallMax system? Did you note some changes in your daily workflow after the softswitch implementation?

System allows having the precise control over clients.

5. How would you describe Speedflow Communications technical team’s approach to clients’ support? How fast did they react to your company’s demands about necessary improvements during the system implementation?

Speedflow’s technical support works well. They react efficiently.

6. What can you say about the work of the stuff of Speedflow Communications?


7. Please, can you share the information about your company main activities, history, plans for the future?

Belov&partners company has been created in 2006. The main field of our activity is IT services for business.