CallMax Solution Testimonial by Net15

‘We were able to deploy a stable system within a short time.’
‘It is really stable and easy to use system.’

Bekezela Mhlanga, Net15.

1. Please describe in 2-3 sentences the challenges you faced up before migrating to the CallMax.

We are a new telecom operator. Company has its origins in the Radio Engineering Consulting area specifically in GSM\WCDMA\LTE environment. The CallMax is our first Class 5 VoIP solution.

2. Please describe the searching process. How long were you searching for the appropriate software? How many solutions did you consider? How did you find out about the CallMax?

We evaluated various soft switches available in the market both from a technical point of view and affordability. The main reason for selecting CallMax was the functionality of the system as well as the flexible vendor financing terms offered.

3. Please list three main CallMax benefits.

First of all, the system is user friendly that makes managing of the call related functions really easy. Second benefit is that CallMax runs on the Linux system. The third one is the technical support which is available 24/7.

4. Please summarize in a few sentences results you achieved with help of the CallMax (in terms of return on investment, client base, technical issues, sales, timesaving, revenue, etc.).

We were able to deploy a stable system within a short time. With the CallMax Solution we achieved really good results.

5. Your message to all potential CallMax customers:

We recommend the CallMax Solution. It is really stable and easy to use system.

Net15, a division of BCNK Consulting, is a VOIP network operator providing ADSL and fiber Solutions for Voice, Data and Video solutions to a wide range of customers.