Discover the advantages of MediaCore

At Speedflow, we like to be at the frontier of innovation and our aim is to go above and beyond what our competitors can produce.

Every new release of one of our products opens up new advantages. Among these are:

  • MediaCore is a complete solution, providing end-to-end functionality. For VoIP transit providers, it contains all necessary features without the need for third-party equipment.
  • MediaCore is a high-performance and redundant solution. Its cluster configuration supports as many concurrent calls as you require and its capability is limited only by hardware.
  • MediaCore comes packaged with regular release updates, provided free of charge for our current customers. We continuously upgrade our solutions in order to be competitive in the dynamic telecom market and to meet the needs of our customers.
  • MediaCore’s trusted technical support is always online. Our support engineers are highly-skilled professionals, responding to requests and queries immediately.

In addition, not only does Speedflow’s MediaCore beat its rivals when it comes to innovation but also it competes on price. The cost is reasonable and competitive when compared with other high-class softswitch solutions.

The new version of MediaCore contains many updates and new features and perhaps the most important module is SMS integration, which is implemented with no extra cost. Boasting wholesale SMS support via SMPP protocol, Speedflow has opened the new business opportunity of wholesale SMS to our customers.

Contact us to get the MediaCore demo at: info@speedflow.com