Effective Swap Deals Management with MediaCore SBC

Swap Deals Management Traffic swap deals become more and more popular in the wholesale VoIP industry. But what does it actually mean and how can it benefit your business? A swap deal is the situation in which one company agrees to sell a particular destination with a negative margin, but at the same time sells another destination to the same client for a higher price in order to compensate a negative profit.

Swap deals are a perfect leverage to find a mutually beneficial business case with other telecom carriers, increasing both VoIP traffic volumes and margins. They give operators a competitive advantage for some particular destinations. On the other hand, swap deals management requires careful analysis and attentiveness from account managers. Otherwise, swap deals may be very risk-bearing, because they may lead to financial losses.

The latest update release of MediaCore SBC allows telecom companies to create, edit and maintain swap deals. You can regulate and monitor the period, minutes, swap revenue and profitability of every deal you have made. In all cases where the actual traffic is different from the planned, warning reports are generated and sent automatically. Thus, you will be notified on time and take the necessary precautions to avoid financial losses. All swap statistics are available in generated financial summary reports.

Our intelligent and reliable swap tools make such deals easier to manage, saving time and decreasing human errors. Request the MediaCore demo and see for yourself that our platform will make your business more effective. It will help you take the maximum of those deals that may otherwise have a negative effect on your profit.