Fabulous MediaCore Deal for Startups

Class 4 softswitch for startups

For more than 7 years on software market, Speedflow has steadily been expanding the market share by offering a range of services and products to its partners. We know very well how hard it is to succeed so we always look for ways to help market players achieve their growth. This year we have decided to give a boost to smaller businesses by offering one of our best products, the MediaCore, with a great discount for new customers. This way you can safely try our Top Quality Solution with minimum investments and focus on testing its full capabilities.

Now all the newbies can rent the MediaCore Voice Switch in the range of 30 up to 60 concurrent calls. This option is available either on your collocation (Softswitch rent) for $2/port or on ours (hosted solution) for $3/port.

We also offer the MediaCore SMS Switch starting from 5 up to 20 sessions. You can choose your method as well – the rent options are available at $5/session, whereas the hosted solution comes at $7/session.

This wonderful promo will run for a limited time, up until the end of the year. From January 2016 the regular rates, according to the price list, will be applied. So hurry up and take advantage – choose Speedflow and treat your business a great partner!