For App Owners

For App Owners

Do you have an app? We know how to make money on it!

The mobile app market has been skyrocketing in recent years. With this, reaching top positions in app stores has become harder than ever. Our solutions are the smart back doors that can break the established monopoly and give app owners of quality mobile apps the revenue they deserve. We have a proven history of increasing apps’ install count and ROI.

app monetisation

App Monetisation

How can publishers benefit from AdCharge?

Our AdCharge platform helps publishers monetize their apps and maximize their revenue much more efficiently than traditional advertising methods. Our software can be integrated with third-party apps via SDK or API. It enables in-app and out-of-app ads for mobile subscribers. As a result, app owners get a cake-sized boost to their average revenue per user.

AdCharge’s perks:

  • Intelligent Ad Display
  • ARPU Growth
  • High Retention
  • Quick Launch

App Promotion

How can advertisers benefit from AdCharge?

AdCharge is a progressive advertising concept. The platform gives app owners and media buyers direct contact with users worldwide.

AdCharge delivers targeted in-app and post-call ads to users. This gives advertisers a shorter route to any target audience combined with extra visibility. AdCharge also guarantees ad views, in contrast to traditional advertising, and achieves this without interruption of user experience.

AdCharge’s advantages for advertisers:

  • Intelligent Bidding
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Extensive Reports
  • Post-back Tracking