For Online Advertisers

For Online Advertisers

How can our solutions help online advertisers?

The digital advertising industry is undergoing rapid growth. We offer innovative solutions for mobile and desktop advertising involving our in-house platform and affiliate marketing. Our goal is to pave a shorter path between advertisers and their targeted audience.

mobile advertising network

Mobile Advertising Network

What are the advantages of joining our network?

With our mobile advertising platform, online advertisers can count on ads being delivered directly to smartphone users on a global scale. Compared to traditional advertising platforms on the market, our platform has achieved excellent results for past customers, including significantly improved engagement and conversion rate.

We offer a self-serve advertising portal that supports CPM, CPC, CPI, and CPA pricing models.

Benefits of joining:

  • Guaranteed Views
  • High Retention
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Full Reporting and Control

Speedflow Affiliate

What are the advantages of using Speedflow Affiliate?

Our affiliate division cooperates with industry-leading DSPs, advertising networks and tracking systems to connect publishers and advertisers. We offer premium quality desktop and mobile advertising by employing only reliable traffic sources and a fluid approach to campaigns. Furthermore, we have traffic sources from over 200 countries worldwide, which helps us to acquire users across various verticals.

It’s our policy to regularly monitor and optimise campaigns in order to extract maximum user engagement.


  • Pricing Models Flexibility
  • Fraud Protection
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Creative Design Team