Future is bright for the Global SMS Market

global SMS market

There has been a significant growth in the global SMS market in recent years. Research indicates that this tendency is very likely to continue, as according to one study the bulk SMS A2P (application to person) market alone will reach 70.00 billion USD in revenue by 2020.

What are the reasons behind this boost in the SMS volumes and traffic?

One can say that the global SMS market growth is the natural aftermath of the rapid technology advancement happening in the 21st century. Why? SMS messaging is not only a preferred means of communication between different businesses and enterprises, but also a powerful marketing tool employed by companies to reach their target audience and customers. Nowadays even banks send text messages to their clients about cash reports; online shops send SMS notifications to users about new promotions, and whatnot. Possibilities are endless here.

Moreover, SMS messaging helps businesses to reach a desired number of prospects and offers higher opening, reply and conversion rates compared to that of emails. Reaching specific groups of people at a particular time has never been easier. On top of everything this is an affordable, yet highly effective communication service. Almost all phones worldwide have the SMS service enabled, so your reach is guaranteed.

Investing in the SMS service business should not be overlooked and is an opportunity startups should consider. Speedflow also offers SMS services and solutions to get you started in the SMS telecom industry.

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