Grow your SMS business fast with little outlay!

stand-alone SMS Solution

Speedflow is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new stand-alone SMS Solution.

The Speedflow stand-alone SMS Solution is a fully-featured platform for wholesale SMS traffic switching, routing and billing. It is designed to be the ultimate tool for telecom carriers and VoIP companies.

Central to the Solution’s attraction is its price, proving the perfect solution for startups and SME. All price packages offer an unlimited number of SMS; available plans are based only on the number of SMS sessions.

What makes the SMS Solution so unique is its user-friendly intuitive web interface and business analytics tool. With the help of clear in-depth tables and charts, users hold control over their business and network performance.

For convenience, the SMS Solution is available as buyout, rent and hosted options. What’s more, it can be utilized as a stand-alone product or as an integrated part of the Class 4 MediaCore Solution.

The SMS Solution doesn’t require an SMS gateway or other additional equipment. All of this means that you can quickly and easily start your business and bring your services to the market. Also contained in the offer is professional 24/7 technical support, software updates, training and hardware consultations – ensuring long-term ease of use.

Purchase the Speedflow SMS Solution today and grow your business quickly, efficiently and profitably.