Increase Your Call Quality and Efficiency with MediaCore Autotester!

MediaCore Autotester Our MediaCore Class 4 Solution is already a benchmark product among telecoms but one of its add-ons is particularly growing in popularity and customer demand – the Automatic Call Quality
Testing Portal. Providers of any size already find it a very good fit for improving their call status, detecting FAS and more.

Lets look “under the hood” of the Autotester to see what makes it so powerful! From the get-go you can test your calls by supplier or by destination. The numbers you use to test can be found either in your CDR or added manually. The portal also detects FAS in a timely manner and lets you know if something is withholding your call. Once it is over you can find the call record as an audio file regardless if someone picked up at the other side or not. For more information there are plenty of reports and analytics that will show you the full picture. Freedom is one of the platform’s main benefits so it can easily be integrated with any third-party softswitches and SBCs.

The Automatic Call Quality Testing Portal is an important part of any VoIP business, raising the performance while saving time. Contact us on software@speedflow.com to learn more about MediaCore and the AutoTester – take your business to the next level with Speedflow!