Is Your Softswitch Ready for New Year High Peaks?

Softswitch class 4 Mediacore Release 2.18

As is known, Christmas & New Year holidays are the rush period for VoIP providers. The average number of calls is being increased tremendously, hence, VoIP operators have a golden opportunity to raise their incomes.

But are you sure that your softswitch can process large volumes of traffic?

The MediaCore Softswitch by Speedflow is the Softswitch designed to handle high peaks of traffic. It is a complete solution with its own Billing, Revenue Assurance module as well as Transcoding. We do guarantee its high performance, native stability and CDR Integrity. The MediaCore users already have a positive experience of Christmas, New Year and Eid holidays.

Speedflow is pleased to assist you in case you make your mind to migrate from your current softswitches to the Mediacore. Migration procedure is easy and fast. Speedflow can provide its customers with dedicated hardware servers and internet bandwidth at our collocation if requested. Convenient provisioning tools make the Softswitch easy to understand. Decide on most acceptable option for your company and celebrate the holidays with no worry about your system stability.