JAVALIN Communications talks about the MediaCore Softswitch

Margarita Rustamyan, Managing Director
JAVALIN Communications FZE

‘…happy to work with Mediacore, easy and simple…’
‘…Nice team, kind and fast supporting…’

1. When was Mediacore Softswitch implemented by your company?

1 November 2010

2. How long did it take you to implement this software system?

I believe 3-5 days only.

3. Is your company renting or bought MediaCore SoftSwitch?

It is renting now, but we will go for leasing once increase our traffic.

4. Mediacore Softswitch includes different program modules: billing, transcoding, monitoring system of the VoIP connection quality Guardian, VoIP Trouble Ticket Automatic System. Which package was chosen by your company? Why?

I am still new in Mediacore, and still don’t know many options about this system, but as I know I don’t use VoIP Trouble Ticket Automatic System. I would prefer to use it as well.

5. Did you study a market of VoIP softswitches before you made your choice? What MediaCore features were determinant for your decision-making?

I have been working with NEXTONE, however, in comparison with that system, I found Mediacore easy and comprehensive for use.

6. What advantages do you gain by using MediaCore Softswitch? Did you note some changes in your daily workflow after the softswitch implementation?

I am happy to work with Mediacore, easy and simple. Very happy with the billing system which allows me to send invoices automatically.

7. What can you say about the work of the stuff of Speedflow Communications during the process of implementation of the system in your company?

Excellent! +5!

8. How would you describe Speedflow Communications team’s approach to clients’ support? How fast did they react to your company’s demands about necessary improvements?

Nice team, kind and fast supporting if any issue. I am glad of that.

9. How do you assess the results of collaboration with Speedflow Communications?

Very nice company, punctual and organized, friendly. Hope for long-lasting business in the future as well.

10. Please, can you share the information about your company main activities, history, plans for the future?

AL JAVALINTECH COMMS is a new company, established in September 2010 only. Profile for now- wholesales business. After increasing business potential we are looking forward to do retails /calling cards/ IP PBX as well.

Margarita Rustamyan
Managing Director
JAVALIN Communications FZE