Global Technical Solutions and Consulting: MediaCore is an Excellent Software Product!

p>‘Good quality and excellent switching mechanism.’
‘Nice and very supportive personnel.’

Arnoldo Molina, CEO, Global Technical Solutions and Consulting

1. When was the Mediacore Softswitch launched by your company?

We have started operation with the MediaCore Softswitch about three months ago, on June 2012.

2. Which MediaCore features have appeared to be the most useful for you, have affected your decision in favor of our Softswitch Solution?

There are many useful ones such as SPAM Calls (feature of the Guardian system), billing integrated in the same box. The reporting module is excellent as well.

3. The MediaCore includes the following modules: Switch, Billing, Guardian, and Transcoding. Which package was chosen by your company and why?

We rent the complete set of the Class 4 softswitch. All of the modules are necessary for telecom business.

4. How long did it take to have the MediaCore installed?

The procedure of the installation and softswitch implementation took 3 working days only. Excellent response time!

5. What’s your overall impression on the NOC Team Support?

Nice and very supportive personnel. NOC engineers are always there when we need them.

6. Which results have you achieved since you started to use the MediaCore Softswitch?

Good quality and excellent VoIP switching mechanism.

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