I TALK SRL: Our Traffic and Revenue Grew Thanks to MediaCore SBC

Today, we had the pleasure to meet the CFO of I TALK SRL – a valuable partner of Speedflow. We were happy to discuss the ways in which the MediaCore SBC platform has improved their business operations and increased return on investment. Here is their story:

We were introduced to MediaCore by one of our close partners. They have been using it to manage their successful VoIP business and constantly praised the platform. Finally, we decided to give it a try. And never looked back afterwards.

“MediaCore proved to be of quite good quality. I TALK SRL team of technicians use the system every day and have not encountered any technical issues so far, even when terminating high peaks of traffic. I must say that the MediaCore SBC has become an irreplaceable part of our business, helping us to reach our targets and KPIs.

“First of all, I would like to point out that the system allows you to modify and renew all the traffic structure in the fastest way possible. Second of all, I must mention that it offers the best price-to-quality ratio on the market. You get very good quality for a very, very good price. And last but not least, the system is designed in a simple way and is very easy to use. It makes all business activities very easy and manageable.

“Having said all of this, it comes as no surprise that thanks to the MediaCore we have managed to optimize our working time more effectively. The platform saves us time and efforts, which we allocate in other projects.

“MediaCore also helped us to increase revenue and lower costs at the same time. It is easier for us to create new and bigger margins and invest back into our own business, making it better and better. We managed to bring in more companies, partners and projects. Our traffic and revenue grew thanks to the MediaCore SBC.”

I TALK SRL is an independent global telecoms provider based in Italy. The company delivers quality voice and SMS traffic to more than 20 countries around the world relying on its own network of international gateways.