MediaCore Lite – Effective Festive Installment from $300 monthly!

MediaCore Lite: Birthday installment planWe are excited to celebrate our 13th birthday and announce special deals on our software solutions.

Small companies are welcome to buy our entry level MediaCore Lite platform with a reduced investment. A promotional MediaCore Lite package supporting 200 concurrent calls is available in an installment plan for 13 months with a $300 monthly payment. Packages for 500 and 1000 simultaneous calls are also available at $600 and $900 per month respectively. Don’t miss an opportunity to buy a softswitch license at the price of a hosted solution!

The platform maintains VoIP transit traffic and includes switching, routing, billing, price list management and has many more useful features.

Our special offer is valid till the end of February 2017. Contact software@speedflow.com to get a quote.