MediaCore Lite is out! Look behind the curtains with Ako Gurjinyan

MC Lite Busy days in the Speedflow Headquarters as we have released a brand new software solution – MediaCore Lite. We interviewed the main man behind this project – Head of Software Sales, Mr Ako Gurjinyan, who will give us more insights about it.

We have been receiving updates and news that Speedflow have added a new product to the already extensive portfolio – MediaCore Lite! Can you tell us more about it?

Yes, we are very happy that MediaCore Lite is finally out and ready to serve its niche. As the name suggests, we have used the core of our prime product, MediaCore SBC, and modified it to serve a different audience. MC Lite is a Linux-based solution that aims to give startups and smaller companies an opportunity to dive into the business in a very cost-effective way. The fact that it requires less hardware while still providing all the needed functionality to get a business going, should definitely make it a prime choice for rising telecoms.

What advantages does MediaCore Lite hold compared to other similar platforms out there?

Apart from the obvious benefits of low investments and high quality, MediaCore Lite strongly excels in freedom and flexibility. Unlike many similar solutions out there, MC Lite is based on a cluster system, which makes it very easy to scale and modify to fit your specific needs. Everything was developed in-house which means that our Support Team is well aware of all the bits-and-pieces and will always be ready to assist if needed.

And what about the growing industry needs of proper security? Is MediaCore Lite prepared for the challenge?

Just like MediaCore SBC, the Lite version also uses our very own Guardian revenue assurance system. The basic Guardian provides our platform with extensive options for protection like ACD/ASR analysis, auto-lock for problematic routes etc. Further more we are constantly monitoring the system, making sure of its flawless performance.

Are there any limitations for the growth you can achieve with MediaCore Lite? In other words – how difficult it is to build upon it?

Unlike many of the similar solutions “Scalability” was the main keyword we wanted to incorporate in the product. We believe in the “grow-as-you-go” principle, especially when we are talking about smaller companies that have just entered the business and cannot afford a costly platform.

Finally, a word for the future MediaCore Lite prospects?

We would like the reputation of Speedflow and MediaCore to speak for itself – for years we have worked very hard to turn those brands into a synonym of quality, functionality and top-notch support. Plus, with the extensive flexibility of the MC Lite it will be a crime not to give it a shot.