MediaCore Offers Flexible Control over Traffic Flow

Building a solid network of providers and customers and acquiring good volumes of traffic is just half the battle. To extract their full potential, carriers should place a strong emphasis on the flexibility of their traffic and route management tools. Flexible routing gives carriers more freedom to set their targets and adapt their goals to the complexities of the VoIP world.

MediaCore SBC opens new vistas of routing control. It gives carriers unprecedented control over their routes at the best price on the market. We invite you to read about the routing options that differentiate MediaCore from other softswitches:

1. Simple and Advanced Routing

MediaCore offers two main routing options: Simple and Advanced. Simple routing uses default Least Cost Routing (LCR) and is tailored for companies with a smaller number of suppliers and customers. Advanced routing caters to carriers with more developed networks. It gives them far more routing options and a higher degree of control over the traffic in their domain.

2. AB Routing for EU Traffic

The system accommodates the routing mechanism to European traffic regulations. It allows MediaCore users to set a different price for EU and non-EU originated traffic. The platform analyses both A and B numbers to process the call via needed price list, depending on the country of origin. This helps carriers avoid needless costs when dealing with price-unregulated traffic originating from outside the EU.

3. Jurisdictional Routing

For US traffic, MediaCore supports jurisdictional routing via integration of a LERG database and subscription to an LNP/MNP dipping service. The function adds another dimension to user routing control, which abides by inter-, intra-state or non-jurisdictional call regulation.

4. LCR, Priorities, Weight, Quality, Profit, and Day/Time

With the MediaCore softswitch, carriers have a wide range of options to choose from. Least Cost Routing is available by default, but users and can also work with other features and routing rules, such as priorities, weight, quality, profit and time-of-the-day to extract the most profit out of existing traffic.

Additionally, the platform allows carriers to set a negative profit value to accommodate multiple-company swap deals. MediaCore’s dynamic profit control ensures that specified profit targets are met.

Quality and weight settings can also be incorporated and are subject to value changes in Average Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Average Call Duration (ACD) in carriers’ termination points. This in turn increases MediaCore users’ revenue.

5. Routing Automation and Optimization

Finally, MediaCore is equipped with a routing algorithm, which allows carriers to modify routing automatically according to pre-selected features. Monitoring and execution of processes happen in real-time with an accuracy of up to 60 seconds and is based on traffic suppliers’ quality and profitability values.

MediaCore has a proven track record of increasing traffic and margin. Try the platform and give your VoIP business unparalleled flexibility of control over traffic flow!

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