MediaCore SBC offers VoIP-based services for MVNO

Research studies show that the MVNO market is growing at a fast pace. According to Grand View Research by 2025 its size is expected to increase with 7.8%. The reasons for this are many – high smartphone penetration and the surge of mobile data usage worldwide, numerous technological innovations, user engagement programs, introduction of innovative services, and more. However, this rapid expansion creates more and more challenges and staying ahead of the competition becomes a rather difficult task.

As the number of mobile subscribers keeps on rising, MVNOs concentrate their attention on incorporating more perks and adding value-driven services to make customers extra happy and boost loyalty levels. Deployment of VoIP-based services gives MVNOs new opportunities and allows virtual operators to implement new and cost-effective VAS to provide first-class mobile services. And here is how Speedflow will help them, offering the MediaCore SBC.

With the MediaCore SBC operators can differentiate themselves from other market players and find a new niche to increase revenue. This scalable software solution allows them to offer excellent mobile services globally over IP, while at the same time their subscribers will be able to call and send SMS abroad at cost-effective rates. All of this is possible thanks to the smart features of MediaCore SBC. Its advanced routing mechanism can regulate traffic by A/B numbers and route international traffic in the most profitable way for the operator possible.

Being more than 14 years on the telecom market, Speedflow knows very well how important quality is for MVNOs. That is why MediaCore was developed in a way that caters the QoS of IP calls at all times. The in-built Guardian system and FAS detection mechanism provide only the highest level of quality.

If you want to get full control over your VoIP traffic, monitor call quality and customize parameters to make maximum profit, MediaCore SBC is the right choice. It is a cost-effective way to improve your voice and messaging services and expand network coverage.

For more information about our flexible and scalable solution, contact software@speedflow.com.