MediaCore SMS Solution: KOL Telecom’s Success Story

MediaCore SMS Solution: KOL Telecom

Last year, Speedflow implemented a convenient SMS module into the MediaCore Solution, and it’s already producing great results for our customers. KOL Telecom are particularly pleased with the benefits it has brought their company and now we can share their gripping story. Our new case study, based on the KOL Telecom experience, is available to download free from our website.

This case study illustrates the tremendous results which can be achieved with the MediaCore SMS Solution. Discover how to expand your VoIP business with wholesale SMS services, and how to deliver high-quality voice and SMS services to your customers using a single software platform. It is a good example of how companies can grow and fulfill their potential with low CAPEX and OPEX.

Many thanks to Sunil Charly, Operations Director at KOL Telecom, for his assistance during the preparation of the case study.

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