The MediaCore SMS Solution Testimonial by YaBand Telecom B.V.

‘MediaCore SMS Solution increased our ROI and expanded services’

‘MediaCore offers a good variety of routing modes for starting an SMS business’

Chen Chen, Carrier Manager, YaBand Telecom B.V.

1. Please describe in 2-3 sentences the challenges you faced up before migrating to the MediaCore?

We did not have any SMS business before we purchase MediaCore. With the help of your platform we managed to expand our portfolio and offerings.

2. Please describe the searching process. How long were you searching for the appropriate software? How many SMS solutions did you consider? How did you find out about the MediaCore?

We know you from Ads around the Internet and it took a short time to buy your products – we spoke with your Software Sales Team and we were convinced pretty easily afterwards.

3. Please list your top MediaCore SMS benefits?

Help for starting an SMS business – the LCR functionality, the Tx/Rx/Trx connection modes and the good variety of routing modes.

4. Please summarize in a few sentences results you achieved with help of the MediaCore (in terms of return on investment, client base, technical issues, sales, timesaving, revenue, etc.).

Our company managed to expand services and gain new prospects in a very short matter of time. MediaCore SMS Solution increased our ROI and we hope this will continue in the future.

5. Your message to all potential MediaCore customers.

Overall, the purchase process is quick and the staff is very helpful. Maintenance is getting better and better with each release update. It’s definitely a good choice to consider!

YaBand International Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2003. They have provided VoIP and SMS services to more than 200 partners, who mainly are Tier-1 operators and Internet service providers, located in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Company provides a wide range of services including software development and technical support.