Manakamana Service PVT. LtD.: MediaCore Softswitch stands out from the crowd

p>CEO, Manakamana Service PVT. LtD.

‘Softswitch Mediacore has saved our time and has made our business more economical and less complex to carry as it is error-free…’

1. When was MediaCore Softswitch implemented by your company?

May 26, 2010

2. How long did it take you to implement this software system?

It took about 20 days from the time we first talked to the sales managers.

3. Mediacore Softswitch includes different program modules: billing, transcoding, monitoring system of the VoIP connection quality Guardian, VoIP Trouble Ticket Automatic System. Which package was chosen by your company? Why?

We took the Full Version of MediaCore features, as we did not have any other software solution at that time and this sounded interesting and worth taking as well.

4. Did you study a market of VoIP softswitches before you made your choice? What Mediacore features were determinant for your decision-making?

Yes, we had gone through market study before we actually made the choice. The best feature in MediaCore is billing as it is determinant for us.

5. Was there a necessity of system expansion considering individual requirements of your company operation? If so, what add-ins have been made to your variant of the system?

Yes, there was a necessity of system expansion for company operation as we were in the phase of expanding the business. And yes, after the Mediacore was added it made the whole technical and operating system much easier and more manageable. I would mark out such functions as auto-generated billing, function of origination point and termination point, guardian function.

6. What advantages do you gain by using Mediacore Softswitch? Did you note some changes in your daily workflow after the softswitch implementation?

We gained both direct and indirect advantages while using Mediacore softswitch. Direct advantages: easy access to auto-generated billing, dynamic routing, 24/7 technical support.

Indirect advantages: system helps to save time, business promotion, and business expansion. Yes, we could note some changes like a more efficient and advanced form of technical support through Mediacore. This has saved our time and has made our business more economical and less complex to carry as it is error-free.

7. How would you describe Speedflow Communications team’s approach to clients’ support? How fast did they react to your company’s demands about necessary improvements during the system implementation?

Undoubtedly, when it comes to the client support Speedflow has the best team’s approach that I have ever encountered. The way they make you understand your queries again and again with the full patience till the client gets convinced is above appreciation. Speedflow reacted really sharp with the best and effective result on any demand from our company.

8. How do you assess the results of collaboration with Speedflow Communications?

It is always indeed a good experience to work with Speedflow. Constant back to back support of whole management and timely modifications by Speedflow of Mediacore with lots of loaded features makes collaboration with Speedflow worthful and a wise decision. Mediacore has always proved itself best and out in the crowd with all its reliable and convenient technical features.

9. Could you, please, share the information about your company’s main activities, history, plans for the future?

The Manakamana company was established 3 years ago on July 5, 2007, with just 5-6 staff by then and mainly carried internet service. Just after 8 months on February 1, 2008, we have already carried VoIP together with the internet service. Right now we are working as a VoIP carrier for a limited wholesale rout. As we have a limited number of destinations for wholesale rout we are thinking to expand it to A-Z rout provider by the end of 2010. And by 2015 we are planning to reach into GSM network.

CEO, Manakamana Service PVT. LtD.