MediaCore: softswitch for business growth

‘Our business has grown with the MediaCore’
‘24/7 technical support is very important for us’

Abdullah Najiullah, IP4calls

IP4calls is the growing VoIP origination and termination provider. Company operates in the Middle East region. Abdullah Najiullah from IP4calls introduced his impressions about the MediaCore Softswitch:

‘Our company has operated with the MediaCore Softswtich since December 2011. Before migrating to the MediaCore Softswitch we had invoice creation issues. After the MediaCore testing we found out more advantages of this platform. It is simple in operation but at the same time it has convenient maintenance menu, group relations and is effective against the spam calls. 24/7 technical support was also very important for us. These features have affected our decision in favor of the MediaCore, a class 4 softswitch.

The process of implementation of the complete set with switch, billing, transcoding and Guardian took 1-2 days only. Since it was implemented our business has grown. Now we are planning to continue our business expansion.’