MediaCore Softswitch implementation experience

This interview is with the director of ‘Alphaservice’ (Ukraine) which rolled-out MediaCore system. He was asked to share his impressions about the process of the platform implementation, configurations preferred and the operational advantages of the solution.

‘We have been offering VoIP services to end-users and terminating voice traffic since 2003. At the end of 2009, the issue of technical upgrade arose. Therefore, we were searching for the proper solution which could enable us to handle our voice traffic.

Our choice for Mediacore softswitch was determined by the following features:

  • firstly, great dexterity implemented by softswitch and billing bundle;
  • second crucial point – Speedflow team’s comprehensive project approach which included equipment delivery, collocation, installation and software setup. Such an approach facilitated in settling all the organizational matters by phone.

All the spadework took about two weeks and the migration process itself was literally a couple of hours. The new 2010 year our company commenced with a new software platform. Definitely, some adjusting processes went on for a few more weeks. In fear of system failures and billing information losses, we backed up traffic transit processes with our old solutions. However, our fears proved to be unfounded – Mediacore softswitch proved its reliability and stability in operation.

We installed a full version of Mediacore which includes: billing, protocol convector, trans-coding, traffic quality monitoring system Guardian and NOC TT. We haven’t been able to use all the features yet, though; we can surely admit the benefits of the new software.

I would like to point out the main advantages – elaborate and practical softswitch and billing management scheme. The features which are applied manually on other softswitches, Mediacore implements automatically with the help of various settings. It saves time and prevents numerous human errors. The possibility to track all active calls and flexible instruments for traffic routing is really of value. Friendly interface, plenty of diagrams for reports’ visualization – all this allows permanent control over the situation. We are planning to master financial analysis built in the billing module in the near future.

Mediacore developers implemented ‘Spam-filter’ module especially for us. It allows tracking and blocking the numbers which carry out so-called ‘technical calls’ (a large number of calls with several seconds duration). It is common knowledge in VoIP sphere that this issue might affect the operation due to the nonproductive use of equipment. Now ‘Spam-filter’ is in test service: the developers are making final changes of program algorithm to manage ‘the black number list’ and to accumulate undesirable calls statistics.

We would like to emphasize Speedflow staff efficiency. The team pursues a preemptive tactic towards problems handling. They don’t wait for the task to be assigned; they prefer to analyze the possible outcome to be able to provide decent feedback. We really appreciated this approach during Mediacore implementation.’

March 2010