XLine Telecom: MediaCore Softswitch implementation trial

Gretta Gabrielyan, CEO, XLine Telecom

XLine Telecom was incorporated in 2008. Their main sphere of activities – VoIP traffic transit. They hope that with the help of Speedflow products they will be able to increase their traffic volume.

 ‘At the beginning of 2010 due to our business boost, a new software platform was required, which would meet our needs. We have carried out research of all of the solutions for VoIP Business on the market. High efficiency and the possibility of further enhancement were the key points in our choice for MediaCore Softswitch.

Day by day, while we were interacting with Speedflow staff, we were getting more assured that we made the right decision. Softswitch Mediacore was introduced to us during online presentation. We could appreciate the comprehensive approach to problems solutions demonstrated by the developers. We were shown all the modules in operation and the scheme of various processes in the system: creating the customer’s account, how to add new termination/origination points, the ways of connection between the points and the destinations, different ways of price generating, reports generating, billing scheme, customer’s balance check-up, access right differentiation, etc. We would like to point out that the program is developed including all the nuances of difficult matters in the work of VoIP operator.

At present our company is renting softswitch Mediacore in the following configuration: billing, transcoding module and Guardian system. We have already been fully using the billing system and gradually are mastering all the features of VoIP quality monitoring system Guardian. We are testing the softswitch in different load conditions. The final decision of purchasing the product hasn’t been made yet. However, it is safe to say that this software solution meets all our current needs.

Professional support of Speedflow staff during system implementation cannot be left unnoticed. Both sales and technical department deal with the requests efficiently and are trying to tackle the problem as fast as they can. The company provides both high level of technical support and informational one.‘

May, 2010