MediaCore Softswitch: Key factor for a successful start

Juan Cardenas, Chief of technical department and sales representative, ‘MonteCall’

‘MonteCall has recently appeared on VoIP market. When the question of software solution provider arose, Speedflow Communications was recommended to us by our colleagues from Dru Telecom. By that time, Dru Telecom has already implemented the software package for wholesale traffic termination developed by Speedflow experts.

Due to the fact that MediaCore system implementation coincided with organizational processes in our company the testing period and the ‘spadework’ took about one month. The developers installed a full modules package of Mediacore system. At present, all our primary business tasks – traffic routing, billing, settlement payments with customers and vendors are handled by Mediacore system. We obtained secure technical solutions, comprehensive support during the system implementation. High system efficiency allows us to increase traffic volumes steadily.

I appreciate the work of  Speedflow technical support team. They efficiently respond to all the issues, and are sincerely concerned about current matters.

Cooperation with Speedflow has become a turning point for us which launched a successful start on VoIP market with prospects for future development.’