MediaCore Softswitch Overcomes Barriers

Class 4 MediaCore Softswitch

One year ago Divox International Inc. was announced as the 100th customer of the MediaCore Softswitch. Over this time Divox has increased the capacity of the softswitch 50 times starting with 300 and upgrading it to 15 000 concurrent calls! At the moment the company leverages geographically distributed servers cluster which allows them to maintain the system.

With the help of the carrier-grade Class 4 MediaCore Softswitch Divox International is tracking towards 5 billion minutes in the year 2012.

‘The MediaCore Softswitch is the complex routing and billing solution which makes the business more efficient, increases productivity of NOC and Account departments. There are lots of boundaries in VoIP business and most of them can be cleared with the MediaCore Softswitch’ says John Mathew, Divox CEO.

This case proves that the MediaCore Softswitch leads companies’ growth and helps to overcome business barriers. It is a perfect solution for forward-looking companies who are determined to drive their business development.

The third release of the MediaCore Softswitch is coming soon. It is going to be even more feature-rich and productive. You are welcome to become our software partner, explore and experience the MediaCore advantages and lay the foundation of your success story today.