MediaCore Softswitch Testimonial by Juniper Communications Ltd.

‘We are very happy to accept that MediaCore had played a BIG role in our company’s success’

Juniper Ming, CEO

 1. When was the MediaСore Softswitch implemented by your company?

MediaCore Softswitch was implemented in July 2010.

2. How long did it take you to implement this software system?

It was out-of-box.

3. Is your company renting or bought the MediaCore SoftSwitch?

Our company bought the softswitch

4. MediaCore Softswitch includes different modules: billing, transcoding, monitoring system of the VoIP connection quality Guardian, VoIP Trouble Ticket Automatic System. Which package was chosen by your company? Why?

We bought the softswitch with billing. This module is important, because it’s a fact that manual billing is too cumbersome to undertake and always there will be chances of human-error.

5. Did you study a market of VoIP softswitches before you made your choice? What MediaCore features were determinant for your decision-making?

Definitely yes. The MediaCore Softswitch has a high level of security. Its price is reasonable. These factors were the main we considered at that time.

6. What advantages do you gain by using MediaCore Softswitch? Did you note some changes in your daily workflow after the softswitch implementation?

MediaCore is the first soft switch implemented in the company … so workflow remains as it is

7. What can you say about the work of the stuff of Speedflow Communications?

Software sales director Ako has been helped throughout. And NOC guys have also assisted; as such within our team, we have IT, professionals, as well, so things had been not so difficult for us.

8. How do you assess the results of collaboration with Speedflow Communications?

Speedflow is the first company we collaborated after our inception. There is always a great support and we are very happy to accept that MediaCore had played a BIG role in our company’s success.