MediaCore Softswitch Testimonial by LINK4VOIP

‘They are professional and very very very helpful’
‘100% positive result’

1. When was the Mediacore Softswitch launched by your company?

The MediaCore Softswitch was launched in September 2011.

2. What kind of issues did you face up before migrating to MediaCore?

We faced up with the billing crash before buying the MediaCore.

3. Why did you choose to work with MediaCore over our competitors?

Because of its stability and good recommendation from a carrier who is using the MediaCore.

4. The MediaCore includes various modules: Switch, Billing, Guardian, Transcoding. List the set of modules you are having now? (Complete or Incomplete Set).

We use the complete set of modules.

5. How long did it take to have the MediaCore installed?

Less than 12 hours!

6. What’s your overall impression on the NOC Team Support?

They are professional and very very very helpful.

7. What results have you got since you have been using the Mediacore Softswitch?

100% positive result, Easy routing, Easy to use, easy to generate invoices with multi-time span.

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