MediaCore Softswitch Testimonial by WebVoice

Dedyuhin Vyacheslav, Marketing Analyst, LLC “WebVoice”

‘The main reasons to choose Mediacore were convenient licensing system, the possibility of functions update, twenty-four-hour technical support.’

1. When was MediaCore Softswitch implemented by your company?


2. How long did it take you to implement this software system?

Implementing took around one working week.

3. Is your company renting or bought MediaCore Softswitch?

We are renting the softswitch.

4. Mediacore Softswitch includes different program modules: billing, transcoding, monitoring system of the VoIP connection quality Guardian, VoIP Trouble Ticket Automatic System. Which package was chosen by your company? Why?

Our version includes Guardian, main functionality (Softswitch), Billing, and real-time codecs conversion. All the system features turned out to be interesting for us.

5. Did you study a market of VoIP softswitches before you made your choice? What MediaCore features were determinant for your decision-making?

Yes, we studied the market. The main reasons to choose Mediacore were a convenient licensing system, the possibility of functions update, twenty-four-hour technical support.

6. Was there a necessity of system expansion considering individual requirements of your company operation? If so, what add-ins have been made to your variant of the system?

We haven’t made any queries yet but we plan to make them in the future. We would like to improve:

  • filtration of the reports directly on the delivery page;
  • removal of the Origination and Termination Points;
  • reduction of the time required to implement the new settings (it takes 1-2 minutes now);
  • generation of the template reports;
  • performance of the reports to the file;
  • API.

7. What advantages do you gain by using Mediacore Softswitch? Did you note some changes in your daily workflow after the softswitch implementation?

  • there is no need for the system administration;
  • high stability;
  • twenty-four-hour technical support.

8. What can you say about the work of the stuff of Speedflow Communications during the process of implementation of the system in your company?

The engineers have been maximally responsive and have met all the deadlines.

9. How would you describe Speedflow Communications team’s approach to clients’ support? How fast did they react to your company’s demands about necessary improvements during the system implementation?

Technical support is reacting efficiently and gives a quick and positive result. All the technical problems are solved on a high level.

10. How do you assess the results of collaboration with Speedflow Communications?

We evaluate positively our collaboration. Softswitch is working without errors.

11. Please, can you share the information about your company main activities, history, plans for the future?

“WebVoice” company is a Russian IT-team that works on the international market from 2008 as a developer and a supplier of decisions in software and telecommunication sphere. The main fields of the company’s activities are telephone services PC to phone, SaaS services, MVNO.

Dedyuhin Vyacheslav
Marketing Analyst
LLC “WebVoice”