MediaCore Softswitch Testimonial by Xemm Global Corp.

‘…meets all the up-to-date requirements of telephony’
‘stable and reliable system’

1. When was the Mediacore Softswitch launched by your company?

The MediaCore Softswitch was launched on the 31st of March 2011.

2. What was determinant for your decision-making?

Its convenience in operation, user-friendly interface, and integrated billing were determinant.

3. Which MediaCore features have appeared to be the most useful for you, have affected your decision in favor of our Softswitch Solution?

The high level of technical support and easy procedure of implementation.

4. The MediaCore includes the following modules: Switch, Billing, Guardian, and Transcoding. Please list the set of modules you have now?

We use the complete set because it meets all the up-to-date requirements of telephony.

5. How long did it take to have the MediaCore installed?

The process of implementation took four hours only.

6. What’s your overall impression on the NOC Team Support?

We have great impressions.

They are always online. NOC professionals have solved all our questions.

7. Which results have you achieved since you started to use the MediaCore Softswitch?

We’ve got a stable and reliable system which satisfies the requirements of our partners and us.

8. We would be grateful also if you told us briefly about your company: main activities and plans for the future?

Our company operates in VoIP termination. In the near future we are going to launch new destinations in CIS and other countries.