MediaCore Softswitch testimonial. The High Art of Being Simple

Dario Martini, CEO, Drulana Limited (DruTelecom)

MediaCore Softswitch was implemented by our company about two months ago. We purchased MediaCore Softswitch in full packaging arrangement: softswitch, billing, transcoding, monitoring system of the VoIP connection quality Guardian.

MediaCore Softswitch is the first softswitch for wholesale traffic we own. Of course, we studied the market of VoIP softswitches before we made our choice. The main Mediacore feature that had an effect on our decision-making was this system simplicity of use. Mediacore is efficient and multifunctional modern instrument for VoIP operators and at the same time it is very supportive of users. I mean the user-friendly interface, the tunability — most routines can be automated, the great number of useful and informative reports. In many cases system operative algorithm can be more effective than manual control. It’s important in changeable world of VoIP communications.

I’d like to note Speedflow’s right approach to clients’ support. Very good sales and support team. They react quickly to all our demands. I can assess the results of our collaboration with Speedflow Communications as 100% positive.’

DruTelecom focuses on Audiotext terminations. Company is specialized in traffic generation to VAS numbers through strategic marketing partners and in the same time has experience in organizing the contracts between terminating operators (that provide number ranges) and international carriers to offer the routes to such ranges to their worldwide customers.

June, 2010