MediaCore Softswitch testimonial. ‘We choose stability …’

Olitech Group Inc has been on the VoIP market for more than 7 years. The main field of its activities is – traffic termination. The CEO, Peter Glybin, shares with us what was the determining factor of softswitch Mediacore that made them decide FOR the new platform.

‘We have worked on three different platforms by different manufacturers before we made a choice in favor of softswitch by Speedflow.

We faced low security of software solutions (there were some information leakages), unprocessed and poorly tested vital functions, low level of technical support. What is more, we didn’t test exotic developments of little known developers but rather expensive and widely spread solutions on the market.

We implemented softswitch Mediacore  in March 2010. A few months before that Speedflow launched a new service for its customers ‘Software solutions as a service’. We used the opportunity of softswitch rent with installation on our server. And installed full package: softswitch, billing, transcoding, traffic monitoring system Guardian, NOC TT module. The installation and setting processes took 4 days.

During the testing period, Mediacore system showed a high stability level in various working conditions. It was the turning point influencing our decision. Moreover, it appealed to us that the system was easy to use together with high efficiency and the possibility of regular connection with developers and support from the technical department. Definitely, flexible and thought-out policy of the system pricing cannot be left unnoticed.

The absolute advantage of Speedflow – is 24/7 efficient tech support. Without a doubt, I can assess grade ‘A’ for the company staff operation during both system implementation and exploiting period.’