MediaCore Testimonial by Jointcorp-Telecom

‘A great switch with absolutely reasonable price.’
‘It has all features a carrier-grade switch would require.’

Amer Hamarsheh, Jointcorp-Telecom

1. Please describe in 2-3 sentences the challenges you faced up before migrating to the MediaCore.

We had issues with routing and customer invoicing. They were solved when we implemented the MediaCore.

2. Please describe the searching process. How long were you searching for the appropriate software? How many solutions did you consider? How did you find out about the MediaCore?

We tested different solutions but chose the MediaCore. I was in contact with Speedflow Director Software Sales Ako for few months. He was very friendly to answer all the queries we had. It helped us to understand all the advantages of the MediaCore

3. Please list three main MediaCore benefits.

It has lots of benefits. The three main benefits for us are: Cost-effective solution User-friendly interface Easy to manage routing

4. Please summarize in a few sentences the results you achieved with the help of the MediaCore (in terms of return on investment, client base, technical issues, sales, timesaving, revenue, etc.).

The MediaCore is really time-saving as the architecture of the interface is user-friendly, and it has all the features for the amount we paid.

The prices for MediaCore are very realistic comparing to other soft switches.

5. Your message to all potential MediaCore customers:

Jointcorp Telecom (JNU) would recommend MediaCore for wholesales business as its routing architecture is really easy and user-friendly with all features a carrier-grade switch would require. And it is very helpful in invoicing clients with its finance tools module. Since we start using the MediaCore solution we had no issues. It’s a great switch at an absolutely reasonable price.

(JNU) Jordan Northern United logistic services and telecommunications is a company specialized in bilateral international telecommunication contracts and network development (VOIP). Company offers a complete spectrum of technical/commercial assistance and equipment supply and installation. Jointcorp also offers consulting services and assistance for billing control and audit for telecom Platforms. These services are available in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.