MediaCore is the most able softswitch on the market: Myth or Reality?

It is trumpeted persistently that Speedflow’s Mediacore softswitch is ‘The most able softswitch’ on the market.

Mediacore Sofstwitch have a dynamic routing and is easily upgradable but what deserves precise attention is a fact that it has Billing, Dynamic Routing and two other modules (Transcoding and Guardian) that can not be found among other existing softswitches.

Transcoding is a module that supports all popular codecs and in a rather clever way converts media stream from one codec into another allowing the traffic a speed stream through the softswitch.

Guardian is a statistical data analyzer as well as routing optimizer. Due to Guardian the SS owner/system administrator can implement priority changes for each and every destination upon analyzed data basis.

Dynamic Routing is feasible and performable only owing to the module Guardian that can be reckoned as a ‘Senior Advisor’ that monitors, watches and supervises the traffic flow and in case of troubles sends immediate trouble tickets (TTs) to NOCs who in their turn get back to the problem and solve it in a jiffy.

In conclusion, it should be admitted that Guardian does the dull routine job making it possible to save one’s precious time, spare strength and cut down immensely the company expenses.

Mediacore Softswitch runs on Linux and PostgreSQL allowing high performance, distinguished security and unprecedented flexibility.

Is it a Myth or a True Reality…? Try and experience the Softwitch Mediacore and Have Your Say.

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