Personal Technical Staff Training for Partners

Personal Technical Staff Trainings for Partners

Softswitch class 4 Mediacore Release 2.18

Speedflow Communications knows that a lack of business agility can really hurt. That’s why we have launched a new service. We now provide personal training for partners’ technical staff in our back office. We train VoIP and the MediaCore basics from scratch. There is nothing like this service currently on the market.

This video details what we offer. Moreover, you will hear the feedback of Afinna One Srl. NOC Team Director who was one of the first to use the service.

Afinna One Srl. bought the MediaCore Softswitch a year ago. Their steady growth resulted in the urgent necessity for additional highly qualified technical personnel. Because we now provide this service on a regular basis, the company contacted us to make sure their future technicians would obtain extensive VoIP industry knowledge.

You are invited to watch the video and learn what the service has for you.