Great Wave International Limited: Rich features, economical and easy & time-saving features

Kiran Dangol, General Manager and System Administrator, Great Wave International Limited.

About Great Wave International Limited

Great Wave International Limited was established in 2007 in Hong Kong with an ETS/PNETS License No. 967 under OFCA (OFTA then). The company has been providing retail and wholesale VoIP services to general public and international customers.


SF: Please describe the challenges you faced up before migrating to the MediaCore.

KD: We were facing a major problem which is “routing calls as per business model” as we set it with our partners. Those problems are solved by the MediaCore. Its dynamic routing matrix with guaranteed profit feature has numerous ways to set call routing which satisfies all needs of call-routing.

SF: Please describe the searching process.

It took about us 4 weeks to decide to choose the MediaCore. We tried 4 solutions from different part of the world. We elected the MediaCore on the basis of loaded with rich features, economical and easy & timesaving features.

Why the MediaCore?

SF: Please list three main the MediaCore benefits.

KD: a. Hassle-free, guaranteed profit and secure many ways of routing
b. Perfect billing & Invoicing
c. Easy to maintain the price of rate tables.


SF: Please summarize in a few sentences the results you achieved with the help of the MediaCore.

KD: We have achieved very good profit margins as we can play more and more indifferent features of routing model as per the business model we set with our partners. We experience zero technical issues.

Overall impression

KD: I am happy to recommend MediaCore to any customers, partners. It is for those who is a profit and quality service-oriented.