MediaCore SMS Platform Testimonial by IDS Data Services Inc

SMS Platform TestimonialWe at Speedflow appreciate when our software partners share their feedback regarding our products. Today we would like to present to you our recent interview about the MediaCore SMS solution implementation experience. We’ve got an opportunity to speak to Bill Djokoto, the CEO of IDS Data Services Inc. You are welcome to read his SMS platform testimonial and learn which MediaCore features they consider to be the most useful for their work.

– When did you implement the MediaCore SMS? Please describe the implementation process.

We have launched your platform at the end of March 2020. It took some time to understand how to configure the softswitch, especially the advanced messaging routing features. But we’ve got excellent help from your training team and the technical support.

– How did you find out about the MediaCore?

The word of mouth is a strong force indeed! I found the MediaCore through a friend.

– Please list three main MediaCore benefits or features that appeared to be the most useful for you.

It has many beneficial features that help us in our daily work. First of all MediaCore SMS Platform offers convenient tariff management tools and rate tables. Secondly, there are flexible TCPDUMP tools for network analysis. Finally, I think SMS tracing tools are very useful, allowing us to generate the list of termination hosts on the specified number.

– Would you like to leave any message to all potential MediaCore customers?

MediaCore SMS platform is a really good product!

– Thanks, Bill, it was a pleasure to talk to you and get a good MediaCore SMS platform testimonial!