Special Offer for new SMS Solution!

MediaCore SMS Solution

Speedflow has a long and proud history of supporting industry development. We would now like to help SMS companies to start and develop their business. Our brand new MediaCore SMS Solution is high-quality, cost effective and easy to use. Even better, it now comes with a convenient installment plan meaning you can start earning money straightaway!

The installment plan is the ideal step for startups and small companies. The plan enables you to buy the 20 sessions SMS Solution package in convenient interest-free installments. What’s more, the package allows users to send an unlimited number of SMS within each session. The first payment will be a manageable 10% of the price meaning you can start becoming profitable stress-free.

The SMS Solution is packed with benefits. Included is SMS switching, billing and routing. In addition, you can take advantage of the efficient Solution’s convenient provisioning tools and high-quality support services.

Choose the MediaCore SMS Solution today and it will quickly become the foundation of your business! Contact us to learn more.