Speedflow Birthday Month is over – time to meet the Spring

Speedflow Birthday Month is over

February 2016 was certainly a month to remember! This year, in order to celebrate our Birthday properly, we decided to make a ton of fun events and activities, engaging everyone into the Life of Speedflow.

The whole month was a whirlpool of emotions, starting with the birthday and a new version of MediaCore, going through our company celebrations, all the way to introducing our cool new redesign of the Speedflow website. There were so many things happening every day and all of us were involved one way or another, bringing the whole team together.

Our trusted friends and partners were a part of the fun too – during the month we have introduced a few entertaining games with great prizes. We were so glad to receive so much love from you and now that the winners are picked, their prizes are already on their way, travelling to many exotic places across the world.

We would like to thank all of you that decided to become a part of our growth and you can be sure to expect more pleasant surprises very soon!