Speedflow Channel Partner Programme: Feasible. Profitable. Prestigious.

Softswitch class 4 Mediacore Release 2.18, Speedflow Channel Partner Programme

You know someone who is looking for a new softswitch solution or who’s simply not happy with the existing one? Let us know and get an attractive commission.

Speedflow is a well-established software developer of Class 4 and Class 5 VoIP Solutions.

The MediaCore is a Unified Point of Control System designed for VoIP Wholesale traffic. The Mediacore is an all-in-all Solution with Switching, Routing, Billing, Transcoding and Revenue Assurance Mechanism ‘Guardian’.

 The CallMax is a modular Solution for VoIP Retail traffic. The Solution includes IP PBX and calling card platform with integrated VoIP billing.

The scheme is easy. You provide us with the contact details of the person. In case of a successful deal, you get a reward and your peer gets a reliable solution with a worldwide sound reputation. The more deals, the higher commission fee.

All business negotiations and product presentations are held by Speedflow. After the deal is set, Speedflow provides 24/7 technical support and regular free updates.

You have a great opportunity to get additional revenue staying focused on your own business. Achieve with Speedflow Channel Partner Programme!