Speedflow Communications and VoIP Fraud List against swindlers

Updated: 30.03.2021

VoIP fraud listSpeedflow Communications appreciates strong business partnership and always acts against unfair business methods deployment. We believe that fair play is essential in business. It is the only way to long-term market success. Speedflow would like to turn your attention to frauds which use the address speedflow@live.com. We notify that only letters from <…@speedflow.com> are letters belong to Speedflow Communications. We informed VoIP Fraud List about this incident and they published our notification.

VoIP Fraud List is very useful project for VoIP market operators. Lots of VoIP providers avoid losses using the information from the List. For the time being, there are more than 4500 registered users in community. Database of frauds contains approximately 350 companies. If your company was a victim of fraud activity, you are welcome to share your story and prevent such situation in the future. Further to fraud companies database you can also find there a lot of useful relevant information for VoIP business protection.

Let’s make VoIP business safer. Visit voipfraud.net and struggle against frauds with us.

2021 update:

The problem of VoIP Fraud

The problem of VoIP fraud today is greater than you think. Fraudulent activity in the telecommunications industry may cause significant financial and reputational losses, until the complete bankruptcy and liquidation of the company.

First of all, VoIP fraudulent companies target their activities to the VoIP systems vulnerabilities. They are using DDoS attacks, malware, IPMI hacking, and other tools, that can compromise your VoIP network. 

It’s important to secure your servers and arrange permanent network monitoring to prevent possible problems. You can do it by yourself. But if you don’t have enough technical resources, it is better to use professional support, provided by a VoIP vendor. It can help you to minimize the risk of VoIP fraud activity.  

Infrastructure security is not the only way to avoid VoIP fraud. Other precaution measures are also needed. Use secure passwords and change them regularly. Do not share them in messengers! If possible, enable the two-factor authentication for better protection. It is crucial because VoIP fraud is tricky now, and it becomes more difficult to identify it. Swindlers are also not static and permanently keep up to date. Even if your software and equipment are protected, you should be careful. VoIP frauds can use phishing, scam emails, fake Skype, and messenger accounts to access your sensitive information. 

The sender’s email address, as well as a caller ID, can be easily modified by VoIP frauds. That’s why it is important to share privileged information only with authorized contacts. If you receive notification about new bank accounts, IP addresses, etc., it is essential to verify this information. In case of any doubts, use any alternative contact of the company to double-check the notification. If you always stay in touch with your business partners, it can help you avoid such situations.

How to protect your business?

A reliable anti-fraud system, implemented in your Softswitch is also important. For example, the Guardian system, implemented in the MediaCore SBC. It is an intelligent automatic VoIP traffic control module that detects FAS and monitors traffic quality in real time. It uses advanced algorithms that analyze various traffic quality parameters to avoid any VoIP fraud activities. Even inexperienced users can take advantage of the Guardian wizard and create basic protection rules. Advanced users can also get benefit from the detailed settings and create custom events. 

To sum up all of the above, only the combination of secured hardware, reliable software, common sense, and elementary precautions can help providers to minimize the risks of VoIP fraud.

For more information, we invite you to review the MediaCore testimonials. If you’d like to learn more about the platform, contact our team. Let’s act together against VoIP fraud!