Speedflow increased its SMS traffic by 85% in 2017

Speedflow increased its SMS traffic by 85% in 2017Today we have invited Denitsa Uzunova, Head of SMS Department at Speedflow, to share with us her impressions of 2017 and her thoughts on the future of the SMS Wholesale market.

As a Head of SMS Department at Speedflow, you managed to attend different conferences worldwide. Can you share your impressions of these events?

Our team had a very busy year, traveling around the world from Berlin, London to Cape Town, Buenos Aires, etc. We not only managed to meet our current partners but also created many new valuable interconnections, growing our traffic and providing world-class SMS termination services. Attending such events is extremely important if you want to grow your SMS business. The conferences are quite busy and are a great opportunity to meet other like-minded professionals. We get to discuss industry trends, future tendencies, and exchange with each other ideas, experience, and knowledge.


Could you please tell us something more about the latest industry trends that were discussed at the conferences?

SMS marketing has been around for decades, but it is just starting to grow exponentially.

First of all, utilizing SMS as the most effective way of making advertising campaigns and this is the biggest share of the SMS marketing.

And second of all, automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence). SMS marketing is already using text messages as automated replies when customers send a certain keyword. Automation will play even a bigger role with the incorporation of AI used by Chatbots, for example, by interacting with customers on a variety of topics.

We already focused on this trend to grow our business in the near future.


How would you summarize 2017? Was it a successful year for Speedflow SMS department?

The SMS department was established in 2015 and is one of the fastest developing niches in our company. During 2017 we managed to establish more than 100 new interconnections with some of the most influential players on the SMS market, as well as to increase our traffic by over 85%.


With so many good results and advancements, are there any new members to your team?

Yes, quite a few experienced professionals joined our SMS department –some of them as managers, others as technicians. With our mutual efforts, we manage to increase our traffic daily and provide A-Z SMS termination to our clients worldwide.


What are the future goals of the SMS Department?

Our efforts will be concentrated not only on increasing our network of interconnections, but also in optimizing and improving the quality of our messaging services. One of the major goals we have set for 2018 is providing high-quality SMS termination services to all our partners irrespective of their location. We will continue developing our infrastructure and having more Retail traffic.


Denitsa, thanks a lot, wish you successful 2018!