Speedflow – The key that unlocks your SMS potential!

SMS potentialSpeedflow has established the SMS Division more than 3 years ago but that short time was enough to turn a new and unknown service to an excellent set of offerings. Now we provide A-Z SMS termination, offering high-quality routes worldwide. Developed to improve telecom businesses of every size, our SMS services rely on our very own infrastructure and server setup which guarantee a maximized efficiency.

One of the best things is that the SMS Team is constantly on the lookout for innovations and changes that can further improve an already great service. We currently have popular solutions for both Wholesale (MediaCore) and Retail (CallMax) SMS traffic but there are numerous projects still in development, that promise to turn the SMS world upside down and change the game.

This year Speedflow will showcase its SMS services at ITW 2016, Chicago, as well as other key industry events. Contact our Head of SMS Dimitar Gatev on dimitar@speedflow.com to arrange a meeting or simply to discuss interconnection opportunities!

Unlock your SMS potential with Speedflow!