Speedflow Outsourcing Testimonial: Large Experience, Reliable Solutions


The high quality of Speedflow’s outsourcing & outstaffing services is bringing big results to companies. We’ve received lots of positive feedback from our customers. Abdullah Najiullah, general manager of Ip4calls, shared his impressions of Speedflow’s outsourcing service:

‘It was necessary to reconfigure our VoIP solution according to our own requirements. We have been using the MediaCore Solution by Speedflow and it is an excellent platform. But we needed to optimize call control and ANI management.

Speedflow solved all our questions and reconfigured our softswitch to meet our needs. They worked very professionally at every stage of the project.

Speedflow’s outsourcing service is an excellent way to reduce company costs. They have a lot of experience in the Telecom industry and their experts can solve your IT issues fast with reliable solutions. I recommend them.’

IP4calls is a VoIP origination and termination services provider. They have been using the MediaCore Solution for about 4 years. The company operates in the Middle East region and they have significantly increased their market share during this period.