Speedflow rewards loyal telecom partners with an unusual prize!

telecom partners

Loyalty is one of the greatest gift a business can receive from its customers. It does not just signify satisfaction from the product/service, it is the overall comfort with the brand and everything it offers. Loyal clients are also one of the most valuable assets because their positive word of mouth also brings new prospects on board. As faithfulness is a two-way gift, Speedflow introduces a great new campaign for existing telecom partners.

Have you been our telecom partner for 1 year? 3 years? Maybe even 5 years? Well, great! Because every year that you have stayed with us, can now turn into a 10% discount towards our powerful MediaCore Class 4 Solution. Maximum discount can go all the way up to 50% so the longer you have stayed with us – the better deal you can get. Plus, you can take advantage of the full set or just some components, including the carrier SMS solution.

Promo will be valid from March 15 until April 15 and anyone interested can contact us at info@speedflow.com and take the next step.