Speedflow Takes Measures Against IPMI Hacks

IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is a technology that allows the system administrator to remotely manage servers at the hardware level.

Recently ITC industry has been exposed to hack and malware-based attacks that prompted a string of worrying reports and alerts on issues around IPMI.

Dan Farmer, an independent security consultant, was one of the first who have identified numerous vulnerabilities of IPMI and set the alarm in his latest research.

Unfortunately, numerous data centers responsible for servers security usually ignore basic protective measures against attackers and, thus, endanger their clients.

Permanently taking care of our clients’ security and understanding the problem severity, Speedflow took the situation under control. We have already sent out notifications to all our clients and reported about the increasing risk of hack attacks in one of the latest articles on the website.

To provide 100% security to our customers we have started Overall Software Migration to our own collocation fully controlled and managed by Speedflow experienced professionals. Their work is backed up by Speedflow proprietary MediaCore Solution with sophisticated security features. For instance, it automatically sends alerts to Technical Support in case of any untypical and suspicious change in the network.

Our experience proves that following a number of simple rules may save you a fortune. Most often companies could avoid hack ramifications by investigating odd network changes such as sudden server rebooting or restart, new users in the system, etc.

You are welcome to check the following list of security best practices which eventually may save your business.